In a very shitty mood.. 

Going to attempt to play persona??? 

Anonymous whispered: Whathowcanyoumaketitan!erensoadorableandhilariousandbadassatthesametimeasdfghjkl

lkmsdfkjenvkjdn thank you. we try. 

It was a selfie kind of day I guess.. 


-Wild West music ensues. (Not even sorry for the last picture.)

Kenny Ackerman.


Kenny Ackerman?

Shoot me with these cardboard guns. 

Anonymous whispered: All I want to say is that those makeup skills of yours are awesome, just like you... *tsundere blush*

ksjbcjhasbxjhbsc thank you


Meet Anubis! Just adopted him today akskskxjaks he is such a sweet heart. Finally have my own cat! Thank you so much punkass-shortshit slspakxjskxkskxk


The palette challenge is surprisingly very fun to do