Some bonus gifs. of nezumi. hahaha. 

ft. Anubis (my cat) hahaha


Sometimes, a roll that an old baker man has slapped together is much more meaningful than an eternal truth discovered by an esteemed philosopher.




wowowowo I didn’t remember I did this!


Working on a new AOT poster.


overlays my bitch

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WTF is wrong with Titan Eren? We’ve seen twice before that he could exert a certain amount of control in titan form, so why is he now failing so miserably? And with Mikasa of all people? After all the trouble he went through to seen save her from another titan, it makes no sense at all that he would now attack her so directly.

Something’s not right.


So… a bunch of my friends talked me into watching Attack on Titan. All I have to say is “Why did I not start watching this earlier!” And I really don’t watch anime much. But this show was amazing. If you haven’t seen it, you really need to. Amazing animation and story… just everything is eye candy. XD

I’ll try not to drop any spoilers here in the description. Like I did with realistic Mewtwo and Mew, I decided to paint a realistic version of one of the AOT characters. Thus, I picked the rogue titan since for some reason he quickly became my favorite - I guess because I like monsters. This guy was fun as hell to paint and a bit of a challenge at times - especially his jaw structure. I had so much reference there lol.

But yeah, just my take on him. I do not own Attack on Titan.

If you want to zoom in to see skin detail etc: